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Aditus ICO (Initial Coin Offering) ADI

CRAC 2018


ICO Scale

Total Tokens


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  • Rising crypto-currency values have created a new community of wealthy individuals: the crypto-affluents. 
  • Founded by veteran entrepreneurs by luxury and tech, Aditus is the world's first luxury access platform for crypto-affluents, aiming to connect this new crypto-affluent community with the luxury lifestyle they desire. 
  • Aditus is a platform where crypto-affluents can access Smart Invitations from luxury merchants to enjoy their products, services or establishments in complete privacy. 
  • These Smart Invitations are based on Ethereum smart contracts, which on the Aditus platform allow users to receive offers and information that match both their personal preferences as well as the targeting requirements of luxury merchants.
  • Utilising the Ethereum blockchain and our DAPP, the matching is done in a decentralised manner, making it possible for these offers to be made in complete privacy.
  • The Smart Invitations also rewards users in Aditus tokens for fulfilling certain user actions (e.g., visiting a store or making a purchase)
  • We will set up payment gateways with our partner merchants, to ensure that Aditus users can make payment with different crypto-currencies through their Aditus wallet.
  • Aditus is also creating a VIP Rewards Program for crypto-affluents, similar to those currently found on top-tier bank credit cards.
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    BTC: 17ixwcGZGL7E4G9fEHhHc34DA3c1icJCWr
    ETH: 0xf4269cebf5bf6c4b5097d508ee37e182a1749497
    DASH: Xi5c2xXTptK5sAqTyn6VbeyfL37K6K25vE
    Monero: Lh7MmDXQGMonPovNonHg4W7AJeUrj3zTLK